James W Kowalski
Dubko is the moniker of James… W(dub)Ko…walski, get it? Part Motion Graphics, part Design, a smidge of Illustration, and a pinch of development, James’ background is brimming with diversity in the realm of digital art.
James grew up in rural Vermont, where he found intrigue with arts & crafts, and music at an early age. He attended college in Tempe, Arizona, with an intended focus on jazz guitar. It wasn’t until he noticed the elaborate fliers posted throughout campus that he realized Graphic Design was a real thing. Remember, rural Vermont.
From that point forward, the betterment, and the pursuit of knowledge in the field of Design have been James’ ever present goals.
James founded Dubko in 2002, and began freelancing as a Designer, and Flash Developer. His love of Flash lead him down a path where pushing the boundaries in user interaction paradigms,
and elegant and clever use of animation were commonplace.
The skills James fostered in those early years saw him across the country, from San Jose, CA, to NYC, creating animated, and interactive works for some of the largest, and most recognizable brands around, including Boeing, Ford, Mazda, Samsung, Mercedes, Uniqlo, Audi, AT&T, Nickelodeon, Lincoln, and Nike.
James has recently returned to Vermont, to seek inspiration in the open spaces, and natural beauty it provides; as well as to reignite Dubko, and once again make freelance his primary focus.

Say hi : james@dubko.com